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In the world of radio here you will find some subjects I dealt with:

hyperlink to the photogallery 'Impressionen'

The website 'Impressionen' provides a pictorial insight into the “Hildesheimer Börde” and the place Algermissen, Germany where all my radio studies are performed.

hyperlink to the Website 'Radio Observation';

The website 'Radio Observations' treats of radio monitoring of meteors including a specialized logging and analyzing software. Furthermore the effect of solar eclipse on vlf-propagation and the forming of sporadic E-layer was studied.

Photo of earth from space hyperlink to the website 'Radio Frequency Monitoring';

The website 'Radio Frequency Monitoring' presents a specialized control software for the AOR AR5000 communications receiver to monitor ionospheric and atmospheric conditions.

Impressum: Dr. Wolfgang Kaufmann, Lindenweg 1e, 31191 Algermissen, Germany, email:

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